Musicivic, Inc. is a national non-profit arts incubator, accelerator, management and staffing services network committed to community and individual enrichment and well-being by supporting local professional chamber music organizations and ensemble residencies in towns and communities everywhere.


Imagine with us

Music uplifts the human condition. This was Henry Threadgill’s answer when speaking about why musicians do what they do while accepting honors from Chamber Music America for the historic contributions of Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). My own experience is that this “uplift” is intensified in proportion to the immediacy and intimacy of the experience. A sense of connection, of relationship and of engagement with the artists as they perform their art. This intimacy is what allows the powerful synergy of empathy and music to work its magic.

Musicivic aspires to cultivate this inspirational vitality in all of its local, personal, engaged, compassionate glory at scale. Our national model — Fest, Salon, Studio, Civic, Balm & Cast, is embraced, expressed, colored, instantiated through grass roots, entrepreneurial leadership. Our local chamber music projects deliver social, cultural, educational and compassionate vitality through free member, donor and sponsor supported art music experiences fully embedded in communities everywhere.

So imagine with me, one thousand full-time musicians engaged in chamber music residencies in two hundred towns and communities across the country delivering art mission experiences in interesting, alternative intimate settings. Imagine the creative vitality of exploring how art music experience needs to evolve in the 21st century. Imagine audience, content, community building, engagement, creativity in a synergy of past, present & future creating a next generation experience for individuals and communities.

Musicivic is embarking on a effort to build a nation wide network of musicians, professionals, philanthropists, community builders and music lovers to help us realize this aspiration. Your engagement, referrals, counsel and support can help us build our vision. Musicivic has been exploring these ideas through now four communities Long Island and Pennsylvania.  We are committed to:

Challenging, viable creative careers for artists,

Uplifting experiences for engaged audiences,

An approach to arts led community vibrancy for community builders,

A rewarding strategy for philanthropists to impact community & individual vitality.

The Musicivic Community Model


Our premium arts series — monthly music celebrations providing an extended weekend of themed art music programming in a variety of local venues.


Art music experiences in intimate settings - cafes, homes, parks and neighborhoods.


Chamber music workshops and ensemble coaching and experiences for individuals of all ages and capabilities.


Our musicians partner with local schools, libraries, cultural institutions, and other programs to enrich individual and community life.


Bring music for healing, hope and comfort into the lives of those in need.


Delivering virtual concerts into the home.

Our Organizations

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