Musicivic at CMA 2023

Welcome Chamber Music America Attendees. We are excited to introduce you to our organization and our mission.

Assert: Empathy-powered music inspires, enriches and uplifts the lives of both individuals and communities.

Musicivic, Inc. is a national non-profit network promoting community and individual inspiration and vitality through small ensemble music organizations and residencies.

Our Aspirations

  • Challenging, viable creative careers for artists,
  • Uplifting experiences for engaged audiences,
  • An approach to arts led community vibrancy for community builders,
  • A rewarding strategy for philanthropists to impact community & individual vitality.

Our Call

  • Join our Network, help us define the future of small ensemble/community engagement (new program)
  • Propose an Ensemble Residency (including Musicast and live local concert).
  • Propose a Musicivic Community Project (establish a local community project including local support, concert and/or music clubs)
  • Explore Parterships (any kind of mutually interesting relationship/project)
  • Enjoy our Music  (Our Trailers)
  • Support our Mission

Musicivic Foundational Concepts

  • Craft (curating interesting experiences in unique venues for intimate audiences)
  • Hyper-local (grassroots, identity & pride, culture & place)
  • Augmented (Virtual/Physical Hybrid — time & place)
  • Co-Branding (with citizen, civic, mainstreet, corporate and other community stakeholders (sponsorship & partnership))
  • Engagement vs Transaction (membership, free access, participation)
  • Content (experienced live & on-demand, contextual wrapping)
  • Platforms/Managed Services (economies & benefits of scale)
  • Micro-Residencies (building blocks for community engagement)

Our CMA Slide Deck (from 2022, being updated for our recalibrated focus for 2023)

We hope that you will be inspired by our aspirations and will consider joining us in creating a movement – a movement focused on developing the resources, strategies and impetus for linking small ensembles and communities at scale.

Musicast Trailers

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