SummerFest 2023: June 25 – July 9, 2023

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Four Concerts released for two weeks to a single playlist to create a virtual Festival! Watch this page as we unveil detailed programs.

“Piano Duos & Trios”
”Fusion: Eclectic Works”
“New Works for Period Instruments”

Piano Duos & Trios

Each of the pieces in this program are piano plus one, except for the centerpiece, Delirious Phenomena where all the ensemblists perform inside of the same piano.

The music on the program ranges from romantic, through impressionist, contemporary and new, as well as diverse genres, instruments, and ethnicity, and temperament.

Each of these pieces is from Musicasts premiered by Musicivic during the past several months.


Three Romances for oboe and piano (1849)
Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Performed by Bell’Art Ensemble

Fêtes galantes, premier livre
Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
En Sourdine
Clair de lune

Performed by Reames/Penna Duo

Delirious Phenomena
Alyssa Weinberg
Performed by Pathos Trio

Natan Shulman
Performed by the Russian Duo

Natan Shulman
Performed by the Russian Duo

Performances by:

Bell’Art Ensemble
Reames/Penna Duo
Pathos Trio
Russian Duo

Fusion: Eclectic Works

Each of the pieces in this program explore unexpected connections, juxtapositions and/or interpretations. Montsalvage, a Spanish composer explores Antillean culture and music (Caribbean). Schubert’s piece for Piano and Baritone is here explored on Piano and Balalaika. Again, the Balalaika is used to perform French composer, Dyens expression of the Argentinian Tango. Fiction of light plays on the juxtaposition of light as wave and particle and plays with electronic speakers and other devices as producers of meta sound. Finally, Alkemie reimagines medieval text and melody through an eclectic mix of modern, electronic and period instruments.

Each is unexpected and exploratory in its own way.

Canción de cuna para dormir a un negrito (1945)
Xavier Montsalvatge (1912-2002)
Performed by Bell’Art Ensemble

Ständchen (Serenade)
Franz Schubert
Performed by the Russian Duo

Sky Tango
Roland Dyens
Performed by the Russian Duo

fiction of light
Evan Chapman
Performed by Pathos Trio

O viridissima virga
Riesencodex, arr. Jim Hopkins
Performed by Alkemie

Performances by:

Bell’Art Ensemble
Russian Duo
Pathos Trio

New Works for Period Instruments

Each of these works were composed recently with period instruments in mind. Period instruments (particularly gut string based) have a warm, intimate responsive feel, and a distinctive character both bowed and plucked. Rebecca Nelson and Elliot Figg are performing their own works, while the Côté and Shaw pieces were commissioned.

Nuit Sur La Corde À Linge (2021)
Mathilde Côté
Performed By Quartet Salonnières

Consolations I-IX
Rebecca Nelson
Performed by Rebecca Nelson, violins

Graham Elliot Figg (b. 1979)
Performed by Majka Demcak (Baroque Violin) & Elliot Figg (Harpsichord)

Caroline Shaw
Performed by the Cramer Quartet

Performances by:
Quartet Salonnières
Rebecca Nelson
Majka Demcak & Elliot Figg
Cramer Quartet


In celebration of Independence Day we are presenting a set of works by American composers spanning jazz, classical and folk traditions.

Program starts with a Jazz standard performed by Charles Salinger Trio. The Heritage Trio can be thought of as a classical formulation of not only Jazz work, but transcription of actual chord and riff formations by Jazz greats, beginning with Buddy Franco. Valerie Coleman’s wind quintet, Red Clay and Mississippi Delta is so evocative of music and life from the Deep South.

We then transition to a beautiful classical mid-century work by black composer William Grant Still. William Grant Still Jr. was an American composer of nearly two hundred works, including five symphonies, four ballets, nine operas, over thirty choral works, plus art songs, chamber music and works for solo instruments. He was the first African-American composer to have a symphony performed by a professional orchestra in the U.S.

We finish the “Americana” concert with folk selections reflecting Country, Appalachian and other folk/roots influences.

Sweet Georgia Brown
Ben Bernie + Maceo Pinkard
Performed by Charles Salinger Trio

Heritage Trio
David N. Baker (1931-2016)
I. Buddy and Beyond
Performed by Cool Trio

Red Clay and Mississippi Delta
Valerie Coleman (b. 1970)
Performed by ConnectFive

Mother and Child, for violin and piano (1943)
William Grant Still (1895-1978)
Performed by Bell’Art Ensemble

Why Don’t You Love Me
Hank Williams
Performed by Deep Roots Ensemble

The Riddle Song & The Cuckoo
Appalachian Traditional
Performed by Ackley Duo

Wayfaring Stranger
American Hymn
Performed by Chivalrous Crickets

Performances by:
Charles Salinger Trio
Cool Trio
Bell’Art Ensemble
Deep Roots Ensemble
Ackley Duo
Chivalrous Crickets

Musicivic Musicast Fund (2023)


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