January 2023

Phoenixville Musicivic

Musicivic, Inc. is pleased to announce our newest Musicivic Community project. Phoenixville Musicivic is implementing the Musicivic community model in Phoenixville, PA. Mission Phoenixville Musicivic presents curated small ensemble music experiences in Phoenixville,, Pennsylvania and its surrounding communities.  Phoenixville Musicivic offers access to free online small ensemble music experiences each week, music clubs, and an in-person …

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Relic ”Winter Oasis”

ArtistsProgramPreviewPerformancesBios Performances Artists Relic Relic is a conductorless period chamber orchestra that aims to connect with audiences through intimate, innovative and dramatic representations of early music, and to present these performances to communities in all 50 states. Members of Relic perform on original eighteenth century instruments, or their replicas, and are fluent in the improvisational …

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Musicivic at CMA 2023

Welcome Chamber Music America Attendees. We are excited to introduce you to our organization and our mission. Assert: Empathy-powered music inspires, enriches and uplifts the lives of both individuals and communities. Musicivic, Inc. is a national non-profit network promoting community and individual inspiration and vitality through small ensemble music organizations and residencies. Our Aspirations Our …

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