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Musicivic, Inc. is pleased to announce our newest Musicivic Community project. Phoenixville Musicivic is implementing the Musicivic community model in Phoenixville, PA.


Phoenixville Musicivic presents curated small ensemble music experiences in Phoenixville,, Pennsylvania and its surrounding communities.  Phoenixville Musicivic offers access to free online small ensemble music experiences each week, music clubs, and an in-person concert series. In addition to our direct programs, we partner with community organizations to offer these and other music experiences.

Eric & Will: Adventurous Trumpet and Accordion


ERIC & WILL Website

An adventurous trumpet and accordion duo, Eric and Will play evocative original compositions that bring together sounds from jazz, classical and folk music: rich harmonies, catchy melodies, and energetic improvising span the range from emotional to fun.These two virtuoso musicians use the intimacy of the duo setting to full effect, taking listeners on a journey through a variety of musical landscapes. Along the way, the trumpet and accordion point to a variety of cultural influences, distilled by these two composer/improvisers into a thrilling set of music.

“Unforgettably unclassifiable … expressive and uncategorizable chamber music in a jazz setting.” – Mel Minter— Musically Speaking


Donor, Member & Sponsor Supported

Phoenixville Musicivic is a donor, member and sponsor supported project. Donations currently being received by Musicivic, Inc. (Tax deductible to the extant of the law). Donate!

Free Tickets for Live and Online Events

Phoenixville Musicivic live and online programming is free to all. Our online programming (Musicast) is available on the Youtube Musicivic Channel.

We are kicking off our Phoenixville Musicivic live concert programming in a joint presentation with St John’s Lutheran Church of the amazing period chamber orchestra, Relic. This concert will be presented at St John’s Lutheran Church on February 21, 2023 at 7:30 PM. Tickets will be free, donations appreciated. Check here.

For a sampling of Musicast programming our trailer playlist is available.


Phoenixville Musicivic community membership is free. All of a members donations are counted toward enhanced membership levels.


We have special programs to partner with Civic, Community and Main Street organizations. Our partnership models focuses on co-branding opportunities that build community identity, cultural vitality, and unique experiences for Phoenixville and its surrounding communities and the individuals and families that live in and visit them.


Phoenixville Musicivic can be contacted at

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