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What’s happening week of October 24

EarlyFest21, our Early Music Fest is available OnDemand all season. We successfully premiered it for many of you the weekend of September 24-26, 2021. If you enjoyed, the link is still good to continue accessing and enjoying it as often as you like. If you missed, it then don’t miss it!

Full information:

Live In-Person Opportunities being Explored

We were able to present live experiences on Long Island both in Twin Forks and in 3VCP during the summer. We currently have no live experiences scheduled this fall, but are still hopeful. We are focused on returning to regular live experiences as soon as possible. Our goal is to have two live residencies (one or more events) in each of our communities each season. This goal is totally dependent on funding. A new Musicast program costs us $2000.00. An ensemble residency producing both Musicast and live events costs $5000.00 or more depending on the scope of the residency.

Donations to Musicivic, Inc. support our musicians, the production of Musicasts, and the funding of Ensemble Residencies.

Changes coming this Fall Season

Musicivic is presenting a unified experience this fall. We may return to our “online tour” approach in the future, but for this fall, we are presenting the same Musicast in all of our communities each week. The Musicast premiers at 7:00 PM ET with an “online chat” experience led by one or more of our community directors and often including one of the performing ensemble musicians. The Musicast continues to be available “OnDemand” through the week until the following Sunday evening when our next week’s program premiers.

In addition we recast one of our Early Music Musicasts as part of our “Early Music Wednesdays” series premiering each Wednesday at 7:30 PM ET. This cast also remains available OnDemand through the following Wednesday.

So do enjoy two casts with us each week.

Finally, as mentioned above, our Fest events, typically five concerts, remain available OnDemand throughout the season.

We hope you enjoy our programming, Free Tickets Always!

Support Musicivic, its Mission and its Musicians

Musicivic Everywhere (Premiers 7:00 PM ET Sundays Each Week)

OnDemand “Early Music Fest” (OnDemand to Year End)
Oct 17-24, 2021 Kress/Warner “Bach & Couperin”
Oct 24-31, 2021 Bell’Art “Dreamscape”
Oct 31 – Nov 7, 2021 Mrmevska/Cognet “Four Hands Unbound”
Nov 7-14, 2021 Alkemie
Nov 14-21, 2021 Quartet Salonnières “Leclair and More”
Nov 21-28, 2021 Shea Kim Duo “All Roads Lead to Vienna I”
Nov 28 – Dec 5, 2021 Shea Kim Duo “All Roads Lead to Vienna II”
Dec 5-12, 2021 TBD
Dec 12-19, 2021 Demcak & Colleagues
Dec 19 – Jan 2, 2021/2 WinterFest 21

Free Tickets

Early Music Wednesdays (Premiers 7:30 PM ET Wednesdays Each Week)

Oct 20-27, 2021 Verita Ensemble
Oct 27 – Nov 3, 2021 Cramer Quartet I
Nov 3-10, 2021 Kleine Kammermusik: Grandeur et Tendresse
Nov 10-17, 2021 Musicivic Baroque “Ucellini, Biber & More”
Nov 17-24, 2021 “The Solo Theorbo“
Nov 24 – Dec 1, 2021 Alkemie “Cantigas de Amigo”
Dec 1-8, 2021 Kress/Warner “Bach & Couperin”
Dec 8-15, 2021 TBD
Dec 15-22, 2021 Quartet Salonnières “Year End Celebration”
Dec 22-29, 2021 WinterFest 21

New Programs

Quartet Salonnières “Leclair and More”
Tour Page and Dates

Shea Kim Duo “All Roads Lead to Vienna” I
Tour Page and Dates

Mrmevska/Cognet “Four Hands Unbound”
Tour Page and Dates

Our Trailers

Ongoing Programs

Bell’Art Ensemble “Dreamplace”
Tour Page and Dates

Around Musicivic

Ambler Musicivic (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
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Three Village Chamber Players (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
See Musicivic Everywhere Above
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Twin Forks Musicivic (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
See Musicivic Everywhere Above
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Oakmont Musicivic (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
See Musicivic Everywhere Above
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Big Sky Musicivic (Kalispell, MO)
Programming on hold pending funding and leadership
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