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What’s happening week of June 26, 2022

Musicivic Everywhere (Premiers 7:00 PM ET Sundays Each Week)

July 10 – 17, 2022 “Dance! From SpringFest21
July 17 – 24, 2022 Mrmevska/Cognet “Four Hands Unbound”
July 24 – 31, 2022 Quartet Salonnières “1772: Diversion and Divergence I”
July 31 – Aug 7, 2022 Pathos Trio “When Dark Sounds Collide”
Aug 7 – 14, 2022 Serenade Duo
Aug 14 – 21, 2022 Shea/Kim Duo “All Roads Lead to Vienna II”
Aug 21 – 28, 2022 Bell’Art Ensemble “Shades of Love II”
Aug 28 – Sep 4, 2022 Alkemie “Sweet Friendship”
Sep 4 – 11, 2022 Reames Penna Duo “Schubert, Debussy, Britten”
Sep 11 – 18, 2022 Quartet Salonnières “1772: Diversion and Divergence II”
Sep 18 – Oct 1, 2022 FallFest22
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Early Music Wednesdays (Premiers 7:30 PM ET Wednesdays Each Week)

July 13 – 20, 2022 Kress/Warner “Recital I”
July 20 – 27, 2022 Alkemie “Cantigas de Amigo”
July 27 – Aug 3, 2022 Anna Betka “Mozart Fantasia & Sonata”
Aug 3 – 10, 2022 Quartet Salonnières “Solos & Ensembles”
Aug 10 – 17, 2022 Digital Camerata “Motion Pictures”
Aug 17 – 24, 2022 Itzkoff/Warner “Boccherini, Scarlatti & Bach”
Aug 24 – 31, 2022 Bach Arias & Francoeur
Aug 31 – Sep 7, 2022 Musica Mundana “Italian Duets”
Sep 7 – 14, 2022 Verità Ensemble
Sep 14 – 21, 2022 Musicivic Baroque “Deconstructed Ensembles”
Sep 21 – Oct 1, 2022 FallFest22

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Five Concerts released over two weeks to a single playlist to create a virtual Festival! Now available to donors of any amount.

“Piano Duos & Trios” Premier 7:00 on June 26th
”Fusion: Eclectic Works”
Premier 7:45 on June 26th
“New Works for Period Instruments”
Premier 7:30 on June 29th
Premier 7:00 on July 3rd
”Bach Again!” Premier 7:30 on July 6th

Musicivic is back to live performances!

We just completed our first live performances of the year, May 7, 2022; Bell’Art Ensemble with Oakmont Musicivic. June 14-16, 2022 Quartet Salonnières performed their program “1772: Diversion & Divergence” touring our Ambler Musicivic and Three Village Chamber Players locations.

More live engagements will be announced soon.

Introducing Community Directors for Oakmont and Ambler

Nicole Lennartz has been serving as community director in Oakmont, PA and with our first live concert coming this season, you will start seeing her more in person.

Fiona Gillespie, Musicast regular with Disordering the Attic and Chivalrous Crickets is now serving as community director in Ambler. We walked the Ambler Main Street this week brainstorming the great opportunity for live events and interesting partnerships in Ambler and its surrounding communities.

Musicivic Musicast Fund for 2022

Donate to Musicivic to support our 2022 Musicast Program.

Tax deductible Donations to Musicivic, Inc. support our musicians, the production of Musicasts, and the funding of Ensemble Residencies.

New Musicasts Coming in 2022

Pathos Trio (March 20, 2022)
Alkemie (April 10, 2022)
Christopher Reames (Reames/Penna) (April 24, 2022)
Russian Duo (May 1, 2022)
Bell’Art Ensemble (June 12, 2022 & Aug, 2022)
Serenade Duo (Summer, 2022)
Disordering the Attic (Nov – Live, Dec – Musicast)
Beo String Quartet (Sept – Live, Fall – Musicast)
Quartet Salonnières (July & September, 2022)
Musicivic Baroque (Winter, 2023)

More Commitments being added every month

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Around Musicivic

Ambler Musicivic (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
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Three Village Chamber Players (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
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Twin Forks Musicivic (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
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Oakmont Musicivic (weekly premiere at 7:00 PM ET Sundays)
See Musicivic Everywhere Above
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Big Sky Musicivic (Kalispell, MO)
Programming on hold pending funding and leadership
Donate to Big Sky

Musicivic Communities Concert Series Fund (2022)

All donations made to our Musicivic Communities above will support funding for their respective 2022 Concert Series. $12,500 per quarter ($50,000 per year) allows us to fund a musician to serve as local community director, the weekly online Musicast series, an online “fest” and two live concerts each quarter. Our programming is planned quarterly based on the level of funding available. We hope you will consider a generous gift to support your Musicivic Community’s mission to provide professional, curated local small ensemble music experiences. Tax deductible donations can be made at the appropriate links above!

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