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Musicivic, Inc. is pleased to announce our most recent Musicivic Community project. Twin Forks Musicivic will implement the Musicivic community model beginning with a fall season of Musicast programming.

Donor, Member & Sponsor Supported

Twin Forks is a donor, member and sponsor supported organization. Donate Here

Free Tickets for Live and Online Events

Twin Forks Musicivic live and online programming is free to all. Starting the first week of October, Twin Forks Musicivic will deliver a new online Musicast episode every week with “live chat” hosted premieres every Sunday (3:00 PM), Wednesday (7:30 PM), and Friday (7:30 PM). Our free tickets provide a link that is good for the timed event and on demand for the following week, so Musicast programming can be accessed by our community members at any time and from anywhere. Free Tickets!

Prior to the season start, Twin Forks community members are invited to participate in Musicivic’s Bach Musicast Festival, September 25-27.

For a sampling of Musicast programming our trailer playlist is available.


Twin Forks Musicivic community membership is free. All of a members donations are accumulated to award “levels” with increased benefits including early access to live event registration, merchandise discounts, access to Musicast On Demand programming, and recognition.

Levels are unlocked at $9, $15, $30 and $75 cumulative donations per season or $36, $60, $120 and $300 per year.


We have special programs to partner with Civic, Community and Main Street organizations. Our partnership models focuses on co-branding opportunities that build community identity, cultural vitality, and unique experiences for Twin Forks communities and the individuals and families that live in and visit them. Contact Twin Forks Musicivic at the email below for more information.

TJ Dalton named Director

TJ Dalton of Shelter Island has been named the director of Twin Forks Musicivic.

Timothy (TJ) Dalton is a native of Long Island, who began his musical career on guitar.  He completed his Undergraduate and Masters of Music degrees at Stony Brook University in classical guitar performance under the study of Jerry Willard.

He began playing early music during his time at Stony Brook University. Starting with baroque guitar, he soon progressed to theorbo, archlute, and other historical plucked instruments. He has played with the Stony Brook Baroque Players, Three Village Chamber Players (3VCP), La Grande Bande, as well as other small ensembles, baroque orchestras, and baroque opera productions.

He has performed across New York, Boston, and Toronto. TJ continues to perform on historical plucked instruments as well as classical guitar in solo and ensemble settings.


Twin Forks Musicivic can be contacted at

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