Musicast Projects: A Call For Proposals

Musicivic expect to fund between twenty and forty Musicast projects this year, resources allowing.

Project Criteria

Musicivic is committed to curating interesting programs in unique venues for intimate audiences. We strive to achieve that in spirit as part of our Musicast programming.

We are interested in supporting sustainability for small ensembles. We prefer to support ensembles that are developing a strategy for long term viability.

Musicivic is committed to linking ensembles with local communities (and micro-communities) and taking advantage of connections already in place. We are interested in projects that have “locality”. “Locality” can be demonstrated in a variety of ways and creatively defined. But a credible relationship between ensemble, project and community is an advantage.

Musicast seeks to contextualize its performances to place. We promote our events within particular communities. Anything that can help us build connections between the online performances and audiences in and across time and context is an advantage.

Musicivic is beginning to add live performance back into its programming. Projects that allow us to connect live performances to Musicast performances are interesting to us. Think creatively about how to do this.

We use “watch parties” as a vehicle for gathering in-person audiences for our OnDemand performances. For example, in libraries, schools, historical societies, museums, senior living communities, neighborhoods and other contexts. One can almost think of this as a musical equivalent to book clubs. We are interested in ancillary material that can help our audiences engage with the concerts. Programs, Notes, Discussion Guides, Interactive materials all can help.

Creativity in curation, production and performance are all valued, but we tend to prefer a lightly or moderately engineered product. Musicasts are not typically intended to be high concept music videos, but to evoke the sense of in-person, in-place experiences. We value intimacy, connection and engagement.

The Musicast Agreement

A Tempate

We will typically offer a ten performance guarantee for approved projects.

We may provide higher levels of guarantee and funding for projects that combine in-person performance and Musicast production. These may be linked with several days of multi-event “residency” to create a more substantial project.

All Musicivic in-person and online projects are available to our audiences without charge. We are donor, member and sponsor supported. With that caveat, we welcome projects that are partnerships with other organizations and funders. Again, flexibility and creativity is relevant. We can be partners or simply a second run venue.


You can pitch projects by submitting proposals to There are no proposal deadlines, projects will be approved as funds are available and our performance calendar dictates. We have date openings as early as February and throughout the year.

Feel free to ask questions via the email at any times. We are also willing to discuss potential projects with you in person or by phone. As questions arise we will develop a FAQ below.

Do note that ultimately any decisions to approve projects is solely at Musicivic’s discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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