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Musicivic Everywhere takes you on tour to Musicivic communities and projects around the country.  You will join local audiences for online (and onDemand) performances of Musicast events.

Donations to Musicivic Everywhere events support Musicivic’s growth around the country.  With each $6000 collected we are able to initiate a new community project.  We are very proud that over 80% of donations directly support musicians.

Early Music Wednesdays

Starting January 6, 2021 Musicivic Everywhere is supporting a new series, Early Music Wednesdays with a new early music program free online every Wednesday. During our Winter Season we will feature performances by Quartet Salonnières, Cramer Quartet, Alkemie & Friends, Musicivic Baroque, Digital Camerata, Time Canvas, and more!

Early Music Schedule


7:30 PM ET January 13, 2021 Musicivic Baroque “Deconstructed Ensembles”


7:30 PM ET January 6, 2021 Quartet Salonnières

Free Tickets

Musicivic Everywhere

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