Cantigas De Amigo – Color & Play Along with Alkemie & Friends

Color & Play along – an interactive family experience

Event Page for Program, Links and Bios

Preparing to Play Along

Multi-instrumentalist Spiff teaches us how to make a drum, a kazoo, and an “ocean sound machine” so that everyone can play along with Alkemie & Friends as they provide a dramatic performance of their medieval song suite “Cantigas de Amigo”. In addition to its scheduled performance, the program is available to you “OnDemand” for a week or more following. For those that donate at least $15.00 to their local Musicivic Community or to Musicivic Everywhere, the program will be available onDemand through 2021. We hope that this interactive experience will be great fun for you and your family.

“Coloring Book” Materials

In order to make your own coloring book, you will have to download and print the images.

From a PC or Laptop –
Step 1: Right Click on desired image 
Step 2: Click “Save Image As”
Step 3: Save image to desired location on computer (rename image for easier finding)
Step 4: Open saved image
Step 5: Print saved image

All paper doll/backgrounds taken from images now in the public domain are listed below and both images & coloring book versions embedded. Please note that the references are informational only.

Resources – For Further Interest

Our paper dolls were adapted from this coloring book: ($4.99)

We created the coloring pages for the pictures above by saving as photos and using the app ColorScape (free and paid versions available for both iOS and android).

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