The Musicivic Community Membership Program

Community Membership is free for all and is the basis for important elements of the Musicivic Community Model.

  • Free Access to Musicivic Community Information (Site, App, Newsletter, etc.)
  • Free Access to public performances
  • Free Access to Musicast for 7 Days post performance
  • Eligibility to unlock “levels” and “badges” with associated benefits

Community Membership is implied, not requiring identification or login, but anyone may create a login (and therefore “opt-in”) that will provide easy access to the program and its benefits.

While we look forward to developing branding, technology and social strategies to allow members to attain benefits based on attendance, referrals, volunteering and other engagement activities, initially these benefits will be based on level of donation at season and annual levels.

Initial levels include:

  • Community (Free)
  • Core ($9 per season, $36 per year)
  • Prime ($15 per season, $60 per year)
  • Sustainer ($30 per season, $120 per year)
  • Advocate ($75 per season, $300 per year)

Benefits provide enhanced:

  • Access
  • Musicast On Demand
  • Studio and store discounts (coming)
  • Recognition

An initial mapping of benefits and levels can be found below.

While we relay on donations to support our Musicivic Community Projects and support our musicians (over 80% of donations go to support our Musicians) these benefits are intended to recognize engagement, they are not “bought”. So we are as flexible as we can be in assigning membership levels. All levels achieved are awarded for both the current and subsequent season or year in which they are achieved.

For example, if you attain a season level of “Prime” ($15) during the summer season, you will maintain that level through at least the end of the fall season. If you obtain the level of Annual Sustainer ($120) during the summer season of 2021, your level will be maintained through the end of 2022.

Please be patient with us as we manage these levels and benefits. It may take us several days after a donation is made to fully reflect your benefits in our systems. In the meantime, all benefits are distributed based on you creating a login in the Musicivic Membership Site (or App once we have developed it).

Link coming!

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