All Bach Musicast Festival 2020

Tickets & Instructions (Bach Fest Concierge)

Weekend Schedule (September 25-27, 2020) Premiere


Friday Noon – Prelude – An Opening Concert

Friday 7:30 PM – Cello Suites with Shirley Hunt

Saturday 11:00 AM – Instruments of the Baroque – A “Conversation”
[Now OnDemand]

Saturday 7:30 PM – Concertos: Quartet Salonnières & friends

Sunday 11:00 AM – Meditations – Aria & Fugue

Sunday 3:00 PM – Harpsichord & Violin

Sunday 7:00 PM – Finale – Hosted by Musicivic Baroque

Each concert will be premiered at the scheduled time, and remain available for OnDemand listening for the weekend festival and throughout the following week. So each attendee can construct their own festival experience and schedule. Please note that programs are subject to change.

Prelude – An Opening Concert (Friday at Noon)

Performing: Alex Klein, Brendan Shea, Natalie Kress, Majka Demcak

Cello Suites with Shirley Hunt (Friday, 7:30 PM)

Featuring an interview with Shirley Hunt

Performing: Shirley Hunt, Alex Klein, Elena Smith, Jesse Lu

Baroque Instruments – A Conversation (Saturday, 11:00 AM) [Postponed to On Demand]

Featuring the Harpsichord, Oboe, Viola da Gamba, Theorbo, Guitar, Cello & Violin

Concertos & Sonatas: Quartet Salonnières & Friends (Saturday, 7:30 PM)

Featuring performances by Quartet Salonnières, Kevin Devine

Meditations: Fugue & Aria (Sunday, 11:00 AM)

Performing: Beo String Quartet, Bahareh Poureslami, Pauline Kempf, Cullen O’Neil, Christopher Reames, Nicole Karrs, Ray Futuna, Kevin Devine

Harpsichord & Violin (Sunday, 3:00 PM)

Joyce Chen, Natalie Kress

Finale: Hosted by Musicivic Baroque (Sunday, 7:00 PM)

Featuring Gamba Suites, more Cello Suite, and a Violin Sonata.

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