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Five Musicast events over three days! And OnDemand until labor day! Register now and enjoy great musical experience on you own schedule throughout the summer! Any donation of $15 or more will extend OnDemand of the fest through end of 2021.

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Schedule & Lineup (Click for Program)

Fri 7:30 PM ET 6/25/21 SummerFest “New”

Sat 11:00 AM ET 6/26/21 SummerFest “Nature”

Sat 7:30 PM ET 6/26/21 SummerFest “Winds”

Sun 3:00 PM ET 6/27/21 SummerFest “Early”

Sun 7:30 PM ET 6/27/21 SummerFest Musicast Composers Showcase



Performances by

1. Jade Piano Trio – “You Can Buy It at the General Store” Walker Mvt. III 

2. Connect Five – “Red Clay and Mississippi Delta” Coleman (with intro) 

3. North Coast Winds – “Tzigane” Coleman (with intro) 

4. Pathos Trio – “Falling Flames” Merivale


Performances by

1. Ackley Duo – “Shading Romance”  

2. Rebecca Nelson – “So beauty on the water stood” Ferrabosco  

3. Reames – “Harmonie du soir” Debussy 

4. Alkemie – “Sweet honey sucking bees-Yet, sweet, take heed”/ “The Honey-Suckle”

5. Alkemie – “Those sweet, delightful lilies” 

6. Pathos Trio – “Rain Sketch” 

7. Jade Piano Trio – “The lark in the morning” Walker Mvt. II 


Performances by

1. Veritá Ensemble – Sonata Metodica Nr. 3 in E minor Grave (Vivace) Telemann (with intro for Telemann part only)

2. Kleine Kammermusik – “La Cupis” Rameau 

3. North Coast Winds – “Serenade for Winds, Op. 44 (Finale, Allegro Motto)” Dvorak/Jekkert  

4. North Coast Winds: “Scherzo for Wind Quintet, Op. 48” Bozza  

5. ConnectFive: “De Memorias” Leon (with intro)


Performances by

1. Quartet Salonnières – “Three Parts upon a Ground, Z. 731” Purcell

2. Veritá Ensemble –  Porpora/Costanzi:  (with intro) 

3. Natalie Kress – “Amusement pour le violin seul, Op. 18 No. 2” Guillemain (with intro)

4. Kleine Kammermusik: “Chaccone” Marais

5. Alkemie: “Quis dabit capiti meo aquam?” Isaac

Musicast Composer Showcase

All of pieces in this program were composed (and performed) by Musicast musicians!

Performances by

1. Ackley Duo – “Letting Go” from “Songs for Trees” by Taylor Ackley

2. Ackley Duo – “Far From Home” (with intro) by Taylor Ackley

3. Alkemie “Evermind” by Ben Matus 

4. Rebecca Nelson – “Consolations I-IX” (with intro)

5. Rebecca Nelson – “Do Not Lament”

6. Alan Hankers – “Distance between places”

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