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A Brief Report
Supporting our Communities
Three Village Chamber Players
Twin Forks Musicivic
Ambler Musicivic
Oakmont Musicivic
Supporting our Ensembles
Quartet Salonnières
Musicivic Baroque
Musicivic Mission

A Brief Report

Musicivic has produced over 40 unique episodes of Musicast presented in over 200 performances.

Our Playlist of Trailers

Including Two Fests: BachFest and WinterFest (December 18-20, 2020)
Four Musicivic Communities: Three Village Chamber Players, Ambler Musicivic, Twin Forks Musicivic, Oakmont Musicivic (new!)
One in-house Ensemble: Musicivic Baroque
One Ensemble in Creative Residency: Quartet Salonnières

Three Ways to Partner with your Local Musicivic Community

Join a Community
Support an Ensemble
Fund our Future

Become a Community Member

The basic Musicivic Community offerings — new Musicast (online) performances every week, a seasonal (quarterly) online Fest, and on demand access to our collection of performances – rely on the support of our community members. Memberships in each community include benefits at the $15, 30, $75 levels each season, or $60, $120, $300 each year. We are working towards supporting in-person performances and educational projects in the future as support levels allow.

Become a Major Donor

Each of our communities rely on local individual, corporate and foundation donors ($600/yr or more) for at least 30% of our budget. We provide unique recognition and partnership opportunities to donors. Our fiscal sponsor allows us to receive non-profit grants, stock donations, and other special contributions for each of our communities.


Advocate for our us with your friends, family, neighbors and business partners.
Volunteer with us.
Join an advisory board.
Sponsor an event through your community, civic, cultural or business organization.

Our Communities

Join the creative support circle for one of our Ensembles

Become a vital support partner, a “producer” enabling your supported ensemble to allocate valuable time and energy to developing, curating, preparing, producing and delivering performance experiences expressing their creative vision and sensibility.  

Through your advocacy, support, and celebration, you are a contributor to the vitality and enrichment, the “uplift of the human condition” that these musicians‘ art will create for their audiences.

Your own enjoyment of their work will enrich and delight you personally!

Quartet Salonnières

”Sunrise” Joseph Haydn

Musicivic Baroque

Musicivic Baroque
Donate $15, $30 or $75
Fontana “Sonata Seconda”

The Musicivic Mission

  • For each $6000 that Musicivic raises into its general project fund, we are able to fund a new community project. We aspire to establish Musicivic community project in hundreds of communities across the country. Checkout a bit of our vision.
    • Challenging, viable creative careers for artists,
    • Uplifting experiences for engaged audiences,
    • An approach to arts led community vibrancy for community builders,
    • A rewarding strategy for philanthropists to impact community & individual vitality.

We offer a special “Musicivic Everywhere” series to introduce musicians, music lovers, philanthropists, and community developers to our community and ensemble projects and interest all of you in supporting our vision to rapidly replicate the model we are developing to communities around the country.

Through Musicivic Everywhere we are also now offering a special series “Early Music Wednesdays”! Free Tickets

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